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Home Comfort

Home Comfort

Home Comfort

Propane's versatility and portability make it an ideal fuel source for homes. Many homeowners are familiar with propane primarily as a heating source, but there are many other uses in your home, including water heating, clothes drying, cooking, fireplaces, backup power generators and more!


  • Installs safely and easily in any home
  • Heats quickly and is very energy efficient
  • Is on average less expensive than electricity
  • Can be installed anywhere you live

Combine a modern high-efficiency washer with a propane-powered dryer to save time and money. Propane dryers take 1/3 less time to dry clothes compared with electric dryers, making damage to fabrics less likely and reducing static cling!

Blossman Home Improvement Tip: Replace old appliances with energy-efficient models. Energy Star-rated appliances are better for the environment, and they help to save you money because they use less energy.

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Tanked or tankless propane water heaters are the most effective and efficient on the market. Even without electricity, a tanked propane water heater will enable you to shower using hot water. Tankless water heaters provide hot water only when it’s needed, saving you up to 30% on your energy bills and guaranteeing you endless hot water.

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Purchasing a propane backup generator is a way to guarantee that family life will not be interrupted by storms and power outages. Unlike gasoline, propane has an unlimited shelf life, so an investment in a generator is an investment in your peace of mind.

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