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In today’s fast-changing world, homebuyers, contractors and families alike are seeking a budget & environmentally-friendly, domestically produced, clean energy source for both commercial and residential use. Propane gas from Blossman fits the bill in every case!

From its humble beginnings in 1951 with one truck in Mississippi to over 68 branches today in 10 states, Blossman Gas ranks as the 8th largest propane dealer in the country and the largest independent dealer of propane. The Blossman  Newsroom is designed to provide the media and our customers important information, images, news, videos and archival records of our newsletters. Please feel free to contact us with all of your information needs!  

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Julie May's Leftover Thanksgiving Recipe

Make use of Thanksgiving turkey - turkey, brie, cranberry panini!

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Blossman Founders Part IV: The New Century

In commemoration of Blossman Gas’ 65th anniversary year, we are providing you, our valued customers, a historical look at our company’s history and founders in a four-part series. This is the fourth and final segment of the History of Blossman Gas.

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5 Grilling Safety Tips

Grilling is very popular during this time of year. Grilling brings family and friends together to enjoy each other in the great outdoors, whether for a simple summer dinner or a weekend picnic bash. Blossman Gas & Appliance has five top Safety Tips to prepare your grill for summer grilling to help you enjoy a safe and happy grilling season.

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