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In commemoration of Blossman Gas' 65th anniversary year, we are providing you, our valued customers, a detailed historical look at our company's history and founders in a three-part series, to be highlighted in upcoming issues of the Blossman BlueNotes.

"We are Blossman customers in the process of selling our present home and buying a new home. We can choose what type of energy source we want installed in the home for our heat, outdoor living area, washer & dryer, hot water tank and cooking. We have been happy with our cooktop and water heater but we are looking for information and cost analysis on electric versus propane. No natural gas lines run in the development. My husband and I think the propane will be a better choice for everything, but my husband has concerns. Any suggestions?"

The Cobb salad has been around since the depression era mid-1930's, so that definitely classifies it as an enduring "classic." Whether you are grilling the chicken on your propane cooktop or outdoor propane grill, I'm sure this will become a classic at your house as well.

Recently, a new propane tank and water heater were installed at the home of Blossman customer Komron Saadati, outside of Greenville, SC. His story of why he chose propane over electric when the time came to change out his water heater is consistent with what Blossman hears from so many of our customers!