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Propane vs. Electric

Propane creates far less pollution than coal-sourced power plants. Propanen ranges offer precise temperature control that their electric counterparts cannot. Propane gas furnaces can consistently supply air at 115F Propane autogas is the most viable alternative transportation fuel for fleets.
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Learn about the benefits of propane compared to electric in terms of cost, production, emissions and overall comfort.

Water Heaters

Propane water heaters provide more hot water than electric water heaters because they recover 2 ½ times faster and they cost about 30% less to operate. Also, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that propane water heaters save at least $175 annually compared to electric water heaters.


The pollution created from burning propane is far less than that created by the power plants supplying you with electricity, so you help protect the environment by contributing to cleaner, more breathable air.


Propane gas furnaces provide more heat and comfort with consistent air supply at 115 °F, compared to electric heat pumps that deliver air at a temperature slightly warmer than the outside air and creates a drafty feel in your home.


Most cooks prefer cooking with gas. Gas is also the only economical choice that can deliver large quantities of hot water on a continual basis. In addition, propane gas ranges offer precise temperature control that their electric counterparts cannot. That means no warm-up delays and no carryover heat.

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