Blossman Propane Gas, Alliance & Service


We brought safety to our industry.

Blossman Gas is a family-owned company with a reputation for fast, reliable service on everything we sell, including gas and electric appliances. Our propane gas service technicians have the right equipment and training to repair or service your issue in a timely manner. We have been recognized numerous times for our excellent safety record and are known in the propane industry as a pioneer of propane safety best practices.

Continuous Maintenance
A big benefit to customers who choose Automatic Delivery is the consistent monitoring of the regulators, valves and gauges on your tank. Your tank will be checked and maintained with each delivery. For example, if a seal or other system component on a leased Blossman tank appears worn or in need of repair, your tank will be repaired as needed free of charge.

Service Calls
Gas appliances should be repaired only by properly trained gas service technicians like the team at Blossman Gas. Our technicians are also trained to provide our friendly customer service. Improper repair or ventilation can affect the combustion process and create a situation that could produce toxic carbon monoxide. For your safety and protection, please call Blossman with your gas or electric appliance service or repair needs.