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Payment Plans That Save You Time and Money

WomanListeningToHeadPhonesByGasFireplacePost-Christmas bills piling up on you? Let Blossman Gas make paying your propane bill easy! Blossman customers may choose from a variety of plans so they can enjoy the payment option that works best for their individual needs – ensuring they don’t run out of gas and bringing peace of mind. The plans give customers an opportunity to divide bills into manageable chunks, eliminate the uncertainty of price from fill to fill, and offer Worry-Free Delivery.

1 – Custom Payment Plan Plus (CPP+). Choosing this plan can save a significant amount on energy bills by dividing overall propane expenses into regular, affordable payments spread over 12, 9, or 6 months with Worry-Free Delivery!

In addition, CPP+ customers enjoy the following benefits: 

• Fixed monthly payment
• 10₵ per gallon discount on our lowest posted rate
• Price cap through June 30 for cost savings to the customer
• Interest earned on credit balances
• 20# grill cylinder refills for $5 at any Blossman store through June 30
• Exclusive bonus offers throughout the year

2 – Custom Payment Plan (CPP). Choosing this plan helps customers manage energy bills by dividing annual propane expenses into regular, affordable payments spread over 12, 9, or 6 months. Additionally, customers receive the benefit of Worry-Free Delivery, ensuring that Blossman will regularly monitor the customer’s tank, and schedule a routine fill when the level drops between 20-30%.

3 – Worry Free. Customers who choose this plan will be placed on a route for regular fills with frequency determined by estimated household usage, giving the customer peace of mind, particularly in times of severe weather. The customer will receive a bill after each fill.

Let your local Blossman team take the stress out of winter heating by keeping your tank full and payments manageable. To enroll in the payment plan of your choice, call your local Blossman store today

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