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Construction Services

Propane Tank Installation

Blossman Gas serves our construction customers in a range of different ways:

  • We provide temporary heating equipment and fuel for uninterrupted construction in cold weather.
  • For new construction, we supply appliances, appliance installation services, and we install above- and below-ground propane tanks.
  • We install complete Central Gas Distribution Systems that provide metered, underground-piped gas service to new communities.

If you’re interested in our temporary heat or construction gas and appliance services, call 1-888-BLOSSMAN or visit our Residential or Commercial pages.

Temporary Heating for Construction

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Temporary Heating for Construction

Blossman Gas delivers heat when you need it. When you’ve got a construction deadline, you can't wait on the weather: temporary heat keeps the job moving forward.

Blossman Gas delivers on-demand, temporary heat for all kinds of construction use. Whether you're building new homes or a large commercial facility, you can depend on Blossman Gas to safely and cost-effectively provide the propane equipment and fuel you need. And for job sites with union labor that requires a mandatory temperature, temporary heat from Blossman Gas is the best solution.

Industrial temporary heating can serve a number of other applications including manufacturing, building and plat maintenance, tents and special events, back-up emergency heating, building drying and dehumidification and disaster recovery. Our solutions are completely customizable, and we will walk you through the entire process to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Rental equipment uses no electricity and is safely and easily started with the "matchless" piezo ignition system. Portable Blossman storage tanks, sized to meet your job, ensure that propane supply is never a problem at your site. We provide portable units small enough to heat one area or large enough to heat an entire building.

For more information about temporary heating solutions for your construction jobs, call 1-888-BLOSSMAN.

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New Home Construction

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New Home Construction

Whether you need appliances or gas service - or both - Blossman Gas has you covered. We build long-lasting relationships with our construction customers based on trust and reliability. Propane gas fuels millions of homes in the U.S and is gaining popularity each year with more custom, tract and manufactured homes built with propane fuel.

Propane offers everything today's homeowner wants. It heats the home to a consistent warmth, dries laundry more efficiently, cooks food quickly to exact temperatures, puts a cozy fire in the fireplace, heats the water as you need it and fuels the backyard barbecue - all at an affordable price. Propane-powered tankless water heaters provide unlimited hot water, and propane pool heaters are also available.

Appliance Installation and Service
Blossman Gas offers gas appliances and electric appliances, along with installation, maintenance and service by our trained technicians. To browse the appliances we offer, visit our product directory.

Gas Service Installation
Whether you’re building a home, a commercial building or an industrial facility, Blossman makes gas service installation easy. Our certified, safety-trained technicians perform all installations, including CO2 inspections.

Central Gas Distribution Systems
Central Gas Distribution Systems serve entire communities from a single tank using underground pipes and individual meters. Visit our Central Gas Distribution Systems page for more information.

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Central Gas Distribution Systems

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Central Gas Distribution Systems

Central Gas Distribution Systems serve multiple communities from a single tank. These systems are the best choice for developments that need gas service but do not have access to natural gas and prefer to avoid installing individual propane tanks at each home.

Whether the centralized tank is above ground or buried, these systems use underground piping and meters on each home and facility to provide on-demand gas. Customers avoid the landscaping issues associated with installing individual tanks, and they are never disturbed for refueling. They are billed monthly only for the gas they use.

Blossman Gas partners with HBH Gas Systems, the nation’s leading provider of Central Gas Distribution Systems, to provide builders and developers with a seamless underground gas solution for new communities.

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